Do you really need a shower in your van?

We've had many people ask us if we can put a shower into their van for them. I usually say "Sure we can. We could build a sauna in the van for you if you wanted that!" However, when we get into the cost and details of what is sacrificed for a shower in a 60sf area, most people opt out and here's why:

This is what needs to be added and subtracted in a build to accommodate a shower:

  • 6 square feet of interior floor space
  • 25+ gallons of fresh water capacity
  • Grey water collection
  • Plumbing and Electric Pump
  • Fixtures, floor pan, drains, water proof walls
  • Hot water heater with fuel supply
  • Rubber duckies

If you're considering a shower, I recommend you read this article by Kristen of Bearfoot Theory. In it she outlines the pros and cons of the shower in her Sprinter Van.


David WalshComment